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Inspiration frontInspiration: Piano & Flute Adventure

Original piano and flute music
for journeying, inspiration, meditation, and relaxation.

Inspiration Back

Lush acoustic piano with soaring silver flute - flowing improvisations for relaxing, smiling, and creating the best day ever. This CD marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase of creativity for Will & Madeleine -- an album of original piano and flute duets created as a vibrational expression of joy, love, peace, abundance, and healing.

Madeleine's original flute compositions and improvisations weave and dance with Will's piano harmonies, rhythms, and melodies to create a debut album that is both inspiring and relaxing.

The CD is also an Enhanced CD, which means that besides containing the 7 pieces of flute and piano music, it also contains jpeg (image) files of 25 of Madeleine's most beautiful paintings that are perfect for using as heart-touching computer desktop wallpaper and screensaver images.

There are three different themes - dolphins, frogs, and birds. You can choose to use them separately or together to bring a relaxing, inspiring, and/or humorous feeling to your space. Simply insert the CD into your computer to download.

"I love all of Will Tuttle's inspiring and mellow piano CDS. He's a remarkable pianist who has become even better to listen to with refined and soaring flute misic accompanying him. I had no idea his wife was a musician nor did I know that she is so advanced on the flute. This CD is concurrently spiritual, bouyant, ethereal and sheerly entertaining. As a CD, Inspiration merits laudation, commendation and appreciation for being a wondrous audio pleasure."    Brien Comerford

CD - $15.00; MP3 Download - $12.00


Also available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, etc.

Click on any of the highlighted tracks below to hear an mp3 sample:

1. Call To Heaven (5:01)
2. Swirling Free (5:55)
3. Joy of the Wild (6:39)
4. Beyond the Sky (8:10)
5. Sacred Dance (7:10)
6. Jewels of Light (3:39)
7. From the Mountain Top (4:56)

Total Time 41:46


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