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Will Tuttle's Music and Ministry

"I was unprepared for the beauty and power of Will's music. It just pours through him, sending deep blessings." -- Rev. John Davis, Unity minister

"The music and the message Will shared during our morning worship service were most inspiring, and I am still getting positive feedback from numerous people who attended his unique concert and seminar.” -- Rev. Barbara Van, Unity Village, MO

"The music of Will Tuttle moves hearts and minds, and people continue to comment on their personal experience during his presentations. Please do not hesitate to contact us as references!" -- Revs. Pat & Jack Barker, Unity Ministers Emeritus, Cincinnati, OH

"Will Tuttle has the gift of music and his spirituality shines through his music.  Everyone who hears him play will be moved. "-- Rev. Elizabeth Aitken, Unity Minister Emerita, Hamilton, Ontario

"Many people were touched by the healing power of Spirit as Will gave himself to the moment and allowed Spirit to play through him." -- Rev. Diana Hughes, Unity minister

"Will's seminar was a very special time for everyone attending. It seemed so natural and easy for him to be with us and share with us."-- Rev. Alan Rowbotham, Unity Minister Emeritus, St. Petersburg, FL

"We thoroughly enjoyed Will's open heart, his way with music. The free expression of his hands was healing and pure joy!  As he shared his soul's journey, that secret place in us that is alive with dreams was deeply touched."-- Rev. Judith Meyer, founder, Unity Renaissance, VA

"Will has an ability to reach out to people with his music and touch them deeply and profoundly.  He invokes Spirit as he plays, and the experience is one of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment." -- Rev. Tom Sannar, Positive Living Center, Encinitas, CA

"Dr. Tuttle is a spirit-led pianist who touches the souls of those who hear him play. He creates an experience that uplifts the spirit." -- Rev. Vivian Huber, Unity of Las Vegas, NV

"Will's piano brings meditative harmonies of inspiration, joy, and peace unlike anything I have ever heard. He is a sheer joy to experience." -- Kenn Burrows, Inner Resources, San Francisco

"Will offers some of the most moving and beautiful music I have ever experienced.  The music seems to just flow through him, without a doubt, from Divine inspiration.  He seems at play with Grace." --  Lewanna Esskew, Science of Mind Center, Maui, HI

"Dr. Tuttle works well with people and was a true inspiration to our congregation. His ability with the piano keys is awesome!" -- Rev. Joe Rowe, Unity Minister Emeritus, Valley Stream, NY

"Will is not only an entertainer and an educator, but a spiritual uplifter, as well. Participants found his music inspirational and his presentation gently challenging.  I experienced him as a "partner" in the Sunday Service and would surely welcome him in my ministry at any time." -- Rev. Claudell Hefner County, Unity Village, MO

"To say he is a master at the piano seems to be an understatement. Our people loved his music and deeply appreciated his insights into Truth. If you have an opportunity to engage him at your church or center I think you will be delighted with him both as a pianist and as a human being. I believe in Will Tuttle's mission, and I believe in him as a new friend in Truth."-- Rev. Thomas Witherspoon, Unity of LaCrescenta, CA

"Stirring, heart-opening, inspiring, Will Tuttle takes solo acoustic piano into a new dimension, and invites us to explore the far reaches of our imaginations and soar into the fresh dawn of a new day. Will plays the piano with impeccable grace, caressing each note with love. My highest recommendation." --  New Age Retailer

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